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Legal Encyclopedias

Legal encyclopedias are not freely available on the Internet due to the huge investment in resources required to keep them up-to-date. Wikipedia, however, often has good articles explaining legal issues or concepts.
Below are links to the major legal encyclopedias from the commercial vendors of most interest to Canadian legal researchers (you will require your own subscription/password):
Although they are not widely available in Canada, there are also LexisNexis-published "Halsbury's Laws" for Australia, Malaysia, and India.


  Cover of 4th edition of Legal Research and Writing
                (Irwin Law)

Legal Research and Writing:
4th Edition

by Ted Tjaden

Softcover 512 pgs.
Published: January 2016
Paperback: 978-1-55221-414-5
Ebook: 978-1-55221-415-2

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Irwin Law: Canadian Online Legal Dictionary (click here)


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