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Law-Related Movies

Since I am an avid fan of movies, I have included on this site an updated version of law-related movies that I had created for my students when I was teaching legal research and writing at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law.

The 135 law-related movies on this site have been arbitrarily limited to those that contain one or more of the following features: interesting courtroom scenes, portrayal of lawyers, themes of justice or liberty, or discussion of substantive legal issues. Generally excluded are films with a focus on political issues or crime.

The pages on this site are divided into the following topics:

For more extensive lists of law-related movies, see any of the following:

  • The Oklahoma Legal Group Blog: "Best Legal Movies of All Time" (13 January 2014). Contains a detailed infographic ranking law-related movies by Oscar / Academic Awards, among other things.
  • Michael Asimow, "Bad Lawyers in the Movies" (2000) 24 Nova Law Review 533 (HeinOnline version)

See also:

  • Sonia Buck, "Movie Therapy for Law Students (and Their Instructors)" (2011) 36 Can Law Lib Rev 64 (HeinOnline version).

In addition, the Faculty Lounge blog has a number of entries relating to law-related movies (click here). The Fordham Law School also has a Forum on Law, Culture & Society that hosts an annual film festival that includes viewings and discussions about movies with law-related themes.

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